Boeuf Bourguignon

For me, boeuf bourgugnon has always been the perfect peasant dish.  Like most peasant dishes its genius lies in its ability to transform a traditionally tough cut of beef – most often rump – into melt-in-your mouth deliciousness fit for a king.  With a short list of humble ingredients this dish is a creation you certainly feel proud of. 


Raspberry, chocolate & almond teacake

Saturday morning we awoke to a dark and gloomy sky and the sound of constant drizzle. Not the mother’s day weekend we had in mind but we quickly adapted. 


Sunday morning snuggles and italian donuts

Grace was sweetly snuggled under the doona escaping the crisp morning air with us sunday morning, sleeping very soundly I decided to take advantage of the moment and quietly crept out of bed and made my way to the kitchen to prepare something special for breakfast. 

Perched in the fridge was a luscious creamy wodge of ricotta I immediately decided on Italian donuts.  Simple. Delicious. And very quick. I'll be back in bed before Grace realises I am gone. 


Okonomiyaki with sticky soy pork belly

Pork belly slow cooked to melting tender perfection in a bubbling bath of chicken stock, soy, honey, ginger, orange rind and juice.  Served on a savoury pancake spiked with pickled ginger, Chinese cabbage, potato and spring onions. Drizzled with a sweet sticky caramelised soy sauce and sprinkled with lightly toasted sesame seeds.  Best. Dinner. Ever.


Sunday afternoon sunshine and a rustic apple frangipane tart

We were off to a birthday party in the sparkling autumn sunshine and I decided there needed to be an apple tart. Sunday mornings are always our chance to over indulge, usually by way of syrup soaked blueberry pancakes, freshly baked muffins or French toast and maple bacon.  But this Sunday we decided to opt for a decadent afternoon tea instead.


A very simple supper...broccoli & pea casarecce with creamy lemon sauce

Grace and I were making our way through the supermarket when I spotted the most vibrantly green mound of fresh broccoli I'd ever seen. I greedily filled a bag with the broccoli and then somehow managed to wrestle it from her tightly gripped little hands with no tears. The sound of plastic bags fascinates her, I'm still trying to understand why.