A very simple supper...broccoli & pea casarecce with creamy lemon sauce

Grace and I were making our way through the supermarket when I spotted the most vibrantly green mound of fresh broccoli I'd ever seen. I greedily filled a bag with the broccoli and then somehow managed to wrestle it from her tightly gripped little hands with no tears. The sound of plastic bags fascinates her, I'm still trying to understand why. 


Lemon thyme roasted chicken & quinoa with greens and almond pesto

I love this time of year.  The crisp air of autumn has arrived bringing with it snugly mornings, clear blue skies and the distinct need to cook nourishing cosy foods every day.  I’m not sure what I adore more, the changing of seasons or the rituals that surround them.  When the temperature starts to drop and the market is full of apples, pears and oranges I love to signal the seasonal change by pulling out the cashmere throws, retrieving my mighty pots and pans ready for some braising and slow cooking and dotting the house with vanilla cinnamon spiced candles.