Festive Rocky Road


Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without rocky road.  Thanks to my father’s obsession, rocky road has been a Christmas necessity in my family since I can remember.  And it’s usually one of the first festive delights I make to get me into the Christmas spirit.  Opening the fridge to see a platter stacked high with large shards of deep dark chocolate studded with squishy marshmallows, roasted nuts and glace ruby red cherries lets me instantly know the season of joyful overindulgence has certainly begun.  

This year’s rocky road recipe comes from the queen of fabulous overindulgence herself, the beautiful Nigella Lawson.  You won’t be surprised to hear that one of my many loves in watching the wonderful cooking programs offered up by the food channel and this year’s Nigella Christmas special featured this gorgeous and incredibly decadent rocky road recipe. 


A little touch of Christmas & white chocolate, honey & macadamia panforte

I adore this time of year, I absolutely love it!  All year I long for my opportunity to truly wallow in the Christmas spirit and even though many of the carols claim Christmas involves sipping eggnog, roasting chestnuts by the fire and dashing through the snow, for me Christmas is the smell of sunscreen, mangoes and watermelon, hot sand dashes to the ocean and fighting for prime position in front of the air conditioner. 

With that being said I still hold a very special place in my heart for traditional Christmas cookery...there is something so magical about the merry aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves and their ability to instantly transform your mood from one that resembles the grouchy Grinch to jolly old Saint Nic.  One Christmas classic that I adore has to be fruit cake, however on a scorching summer’s day fruit cake filled with its plump, juicy, boozy dried and candied fruits and heavy Christmas spices no matter how wonderfully Christmassy is completely out of place.  So for me, Christmas cookery is all about finding a balance between honouring tradition and celebrating the beautiful Australian summer.  And this white chocolate, honey & macadamia panforte is a delicious example.


Heavenly Vanilla Bean and Buttermilk Cake

Ah to be back in the kitchen!!  Although 2012 didn’t involve much baking in my kitchen, I certainly had a bun in the oven!  After nine months of vegemite sandwiches, dry cereal, toast and crackers I am very overjoyed, happy and proud to introduce our beautiful little baby girl, Graziella.  And I feel so fantastic to see the return of my appetite and to be back in my lovely kitchen!